Night time walk with the camera

For those of you who want to explore taking photos at night, we’ve put together an evening just for you.

This night time Walk with the Camera/workshop will be around the centre of Derby.

During the walk we will look at photographing city lights, buildings and light trails using longer exposures.

There are two dates on offer: Monday 19th March and Thursday 22nd March, both starting at 7pm. Cost is £5 per person.

The workshop will finish at a pub where we can sit and review some of your images over a drink (or two!).

To get the best out of this walk you will need:

  • A camera capable of long exposures of up to 30 seconds (most DSLRs and CSCs allow this but please check your manual. Some also have a ‘bulb’ setting which needs a remote shutter release to activate it. This allows for exposures of more than 30 secs – feel free to bring this along too if you wish)
  • A sturdy tripod (We have a couple of spares available if you don’t have one)

As per usual, please use the form below to register your interest.

Please register your interest here: