Gallery: April 2012

At this month’s meeting we went back to early photography and spent the evening having fun making pinhole cameras. Check out our info page for a couple of useful links. It seemed appropriate therefore, that the theme for April should be called ‘Back to Basics’.

As we all see the world around us very differently – it makes it all the more interesting, as a group, when we share stories which come about through photographs.

So in response to the theme, my Image of the Month was an easy decision, not only on seeing this photograph which stirred up many memories for me, but also on reading the photographer’s words which accompanied it.

© Simon Reynolds

Thank you to Simon for a very simple and yet meaningful photograph.

“I was hoping to have taken some snaps using an old 35mm camera that was given to me as a child (second hand then!), but I’ve not had the time to play and process as I’d hoped. So I’ve gone from a different angle and chosen this picture; this was taken after a sleepover for my daughter’s birthday. Although we had prepared activities such as games consoles and such (all using current technology), it was heart warming that all they wanted to do this morning was play in the garden; climbing, building a den and generally getting mucky the way I did at that age (and like many before me I’m sure). 

I felt it fits with my interpretation of the theme as, with all of the electronic distractions available today, their play went ‘back to basics’; all they needed was what was at hand and a good imagination!…Simon Reynolds

More images from the evening can be found in our gallery (below). Please take a moment to think about what stories, if any, these photographs may hold, perhaps they remind you of something or just simply say what you see!

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