Pinhole Photography

To celebrate World Pinhole Day (29th April) over the last couple of meetings we have been experimenting. Last month we made simple pinhole cameras out of beer cans, loaded them with photo paper and then waited…and waited…very patiently…for the sun to shine, so we could take our photographs.

© Mick Govan

Last week we set up a mini darkroom, and under the red light, we kept our fingers crossed as we printed.

While there were disappointments, for a first attempt we got some fantastic results, and with practice we know it can only get better.

Mick Govan, one of our members, enjoyed the whole process so much, and was so proud of his image that he sent me a scanned copy. I thought you might like to take a look.

Please keep checking back on this post for updates and hopefully more photographs from the group.

Although we live in a world surrounded by some amazing technology, it really has given us more of an understanding and appreciation of photography by going back to basics.


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