Gallery: May 2012

Not everything is black and white

This month’s theme was really more of an exercise with an open discussion, so there is no Image of the Month for May. Instead I would like to share questions that were put to the group for debate, after they were asked to submit the same photograph in both colour and black and white.

What influences our decision as to whether a photograph should be colour or black and white? For example could it be the subject, the technique, or quite simply whichever is more pleasing to the eye. Perhaps it goes deeper, what do you think?

Please take a moment to look at this month’s gallery, and in each case what conclusions, if any, do you think we came up with? Do join in and share your own thoughts with us.

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One thought on “Gallery: May 2012

  1. I have always liked Black and White . I used to enjoy helping my Dad in his darkroom seeing the image appearing as if it was ‘magic’. Everywhere we look there are colours in all their various shades .Magic too. Looking at some of the images side by side their texture is completely changed e.g. the purple crocus is vibrant, in black and white it looks like its made of metal . I feel all the images are enhanced in their own way by the change . Black and white can add some mystery , age, even sophistication . Colour gives warmth and when there are plenty of other colours it can change the details, encouraging the eye to move round the image.

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