Gallery Catch Up!

Our website may have gone a little quiet recently, but plenty has been going on behind the scenes, including our usual monthly meet ups, the publication of our first book (which is selling really well by the way), some night photography and a couple of walks in the park.

© jayne seagrave

© Jayne Seagrave

Anyway, after Jayne’s reminder of the snowy weather we have endured over the last few weeks, Spring seems to have finally arrived, and so it’s time to get cracking with our gallery page once again, as we have lots of great photographs for you to enjoy.

© Nicola Bonner

© Nicola Bonner

As well as sharing special family moments and capturing the general public going about their daily lives, we have also been slightly self indulgent with the introduction of a monthly chocolate bar award through our themes ‘Work Rest and Play’ and ‘Food Glorious Food’ but that’s about as competitive as we get folks! Nicola and Jayne are just two of our worthy winners, well done ladies.

Both themes have provided the group with an opportunity to openly discuss issues surrounding photography in a public place and advertising through the use of commercial and fine art imagery. We have also enjoyed a film on street photography, admired some beautiful books (including our own of course) and had great fun once again with our practical, where for one night only the village hall turned into a farmer’s market!

© Hazel Hillier

© Hazel Hillier

So in just six hours together, we have been keeping pretty busy really, and we do hope you like the selection of photos from our two themes in the first of our slideshows for 2013.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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