Members Gallery: Yellow

Yes, our Jayne has done it again…

Here’s another photograph from Jayne Seagrave taken at last year’s Derby Feste. For the second time, her work has been selected by Yahoo for their own monthly theme ‘Light’, isn’t it great, and such a cheerful picture. Here’s the Yahoo link if you wish to take a look at their selection–light-111458258.html

I thought I would take the opportunity of including her photograph in this gallery post as well, as it seemed appropriate. Well done Jayne, we are all waiting for number 3!

© jayne seagrave

© jayne seagrave

So with no April meeting due to the Easter break, what better time than to introduce ‘yellow’ as a theme for the group to work on. Once again they didn’t disappoint with their ideas, several members even seizing the opportunity to experiment with the computer.

© colin bowles

© colin bowles

© jonathan garside

© jonathan garside

© jonathan garside

© jonathan garside

It was a tough decision as to who was to get the monthly chocolate bar awards for May, but in the end the group award went to Colin for his very colourful and contemplative photograph, while my award went to Jonathan for his two very different yellow doors! Congratulations to you both.

Please also enjoy a wonderful selection of photographs from the group in our slideshow below…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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