Members Gallery: Light Painting

Ockbrook member Mick Govan pulled out all the stops for the group’s practical this month as he plunged the Village Hall into darkness before bringing it alive once again with flashes of colour during an evening of ‘light painting’.

Members creative skills were put to the test drawing pictures and producing wonderful patterns using laser pens, torches and various coloured spinning toys, before we moved outside for the sparkling finale, where pyrotechnics and a little ingenuity on Mick’s part kept those cameras busy, with some amazing results.

Time and effort was clearly put into this very well planned session, new skills were learned and great fun was had by all. Not sure how Mick can top it next year, but I bet he’ll come up with something equally as good if not better. Thanks Mick for a superb evening, and thanks must also go to Dave for his support throughout the night.

Our Angel of the evening Mick, or should that be Star!

© Kevin Lane

© Kevin Lane


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