Members Gallery: Intentional Camera Movement

Every monthly two hour session at Ockbrook aims to give the group a taster of something different with the opportunity of picking up hints and tips as well as new ideas, and this month was no exception. We spent some time watching a video on Intentional Camera Movement before taking the cameras outside to try it for ourselves.

This kind of photography is great fun because anything goes, focusing isn’t important and you don’t need a tripod, but with thought, patience, practise and a little creative imagination the results can actually be very rewarding and extremely artistic. Don’t just take a dozen though and give up thinking they’re all blurred, as they probably will be, you need to take hundreds, out of which you may only get 5 or 6 you’re happy with, if you’re lucky…yes, we said you need to be patient!

Anyway, we only had a very short time to play, as the light was fading fast, but for a first attempt, some of our results weren’t bad at all. Here’s a few for you to take a look at.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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