Members Gallery: Macro Practical

Hi everyone, welcome back. We do hope you’ve all had a great summer and those cameras have been busy. Where has the time gone?

As we start our 2014/15 year, we are looking forward to sharing more of our images with you, kicking off with this month’s macro/still life practical, led by professional photographer, teacher and writer Doug Chinnery. Doug turned our village hall into a studio any photographer would be delighted to call their own, and with backdrops, lighting and an array of props, all we had to do was decide what to focus our cameras on first.

© Geoff Lawn

© Geoff Lawn – Before

© Geoff Lawn

© Geoff Lawn – After

We spent the next two hours putting into practice some great tips from Doug, as well as learning through his expert tuition and constructive feedback throughout the night. These images are ‘before and after the session’ shots from one of our members Geoff Lawn who added on our Facebook page “…a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Doug is such an inspiring guy, and I think we learned a lot”. Two hours is such a short time, but Doug ensured we made the most of it.

Please enjoy a few more of our pics some of which were taken before we met up with Doug and some from the workshop. We can thoroughly recommend him and would suggest you take five minutes to look at his fantastic website.

See you next time.

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