Close Encounters with Alex Hyde

This month the group were in for a treat when professional natural history photographer Alex Hyde paid us a visit. We were taken on a journey both overseas and nearer to home, as he set the scene through his stunning landscapes, before we were introduced to the more unusual, overlooked and in some cases completely unseen living world.

The incredible knowledge of his subjects and the environments they inhabit were evident throughout his presentation. As well as enjoying his beautiful photography, Alex provided us with a much deeper insight into his work, from equipment and techniques he uses, to friends he works with, and all with a great sense of humour…he had plenty of stories to tell. We would highly recommend you take a few minutes to look at Alex’s website to see for yourself.

Violin Beetle Borneo © Alex Hyde

Violin Beetle Borneo © Alex Hyde

Alex was also particularly keen to take a look at a selection of our own images submitted for this month’s appropriately themed Flora and Fauna, offering us constructive and very useful feedback.

Thank you Alex for a most interesting and informative evening.

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