Members Gallery: Spring is in the Air

Hello all, it’s been ages. We didn’t have an official meeting in April because of the Easter weekend, but a few of us still met up for a photo walk around the village, finishing up at the local pub for supper and chat. As well as the usual monthly sessions, our social events and walks give us other great opportunities to enjoy our photography together. Why not join us when we start our new 2015/16 Membership Year in September, every month is different, with lots of photography to enjoy.

© Kevin Lane

© Kevin Lane

Onto May, and It was film night at Ockbrook, as the group were inspired by some very diverse landscapes of Northern England, after which we enjoyed another great selection of images submitted for this month’s theme ‘Spring is in the Air’. Here’s one from Tony who came along to show the group his photographs from the Galapagos Islands in March, and was so impressed by the friendliness of the group and our approach to photography, that he has now joined us, along with Roger who came along last week for the first time, a huge Ockbrook welcome to you both.

© Tony Frankland

© Tony Frankland

We have another great month to look forward to in June, with guest speaker Tom Loomes an award winning motorsport photographer as well as the group theme appropriate for the evening ‘Wheels’, so until next time here’s a few more pics in our May slideshow for your enjoyment…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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