Members Gallery: Wheels


© Tom Loomes

© Tom Loomes

Ockbrook has been very fortunate to enjoy a number of great speakers throughout the year, and so when award winning motorsport photographer Tom Loomes agreed to come along and talk to us, again we were not disappointed. He shared with us a typical day in the life of a motorsport photographer, from the planning and research involved prior to a meeting, to the long hours and equipment he uses, as well as sharing with us his personal inspirations and useful tips on how he captures moving subjects at speed.

© Tom Loomes

© Tom Loomes

Although Tom does have a day job, his photography takes up the remainder of his time, as he travels extensively both in the UK and Overseas, capturing some amazing story telling images.This very talented young photographer will most definitely be one to watch out for and we can thoroughly recommend him for talks to other groups. Do take a look at his website –

© Tom Loomes

© Tom Loomes

A little time was left at the end of the evening when Tom kindly offered his feedback on our own photography, and while the title Wheels may seem appropriate, the group once again provided quite a variation on the theme. Please enjoy our small slideshow, and we look forward to seeing you again next time.

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