Members Gallery: Project 111

Hello all. As we are about to start our autumn season, here’s a look at how we ended things before our summer break.

We promised a challenging evening of photography and kept it all tightly under wraps until the very last minute. This was an exercise to challenge photographic skills, creativity and the ability to work under a little bit of pressure!

It was a great turn-out, and members arrived armed with their camera gear to find a number of areas laid out with various lighting set-ups – and a mysterious, cloth-covered table containing – well, no-one knew what!

© Dave King

© Dave King

This was Project 111: 1 object, 1 hour, 1 image.

Beneath the cloth was a range of objects – everything from light bulbs to cameras, shells to pine cones, flowers to fruit and veg. The challenge was simple enough – each member would choose just one object and then be given just one hour to photograph it in as creative a way as possible. It was a chance to try a new technique, a new way of lighting or a new angle – or maybe even go completely abstract.

But there was no escaping the eyes of the ‘critics’ on this occasion because, at the end of the hour, each member that had to select just one of their images from the session for everyone to look at on the big screen. The pressure was on!

Dave had already done a trial run of the exercise to make sure it was achievable – so now it was over to you.

As always, the challenge was met head on… and what a great selection of images came out of the session. Enjoy!

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