Members Gallery: Low Light Photography

We had some fabulous images to look at from members this month, as we began our evening reviewing some of the results from September’s brilliant low light photography session with Dave and Mick.

You may remember we all went for a walk across the fields to photograph the evening light over Ockbrook, and had great fun experimenting with some amazing results, as you can see here in Jayne’s image. I’ve chosen this one in particular because I feel Jayne approached her view in a much different way, although still quite warming despite being black and white, for a moment there I almost felt as if I was at the coast! Lovely.

© Jayne Seagrave

© Jayne Seagrave

We have quite a selection for you in our slideshow which also includes a few other images members wanted to share with the group, and which we think you will agree fit in quite nicely with our theme. Geoff brought the warmth of the outside in with his fab image while Keith enjoyed the warmth of an evening glow from his balcony on the Queen Elizabeth somewhere off Livorno in Italy.

Please enjoy our slideshow and we look forward to seeing you next time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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