Members Gallery: November Halloween Practical Night

Well this November meeting we did something a bit different to the last couple of years. Instead of having a focus on Bonfires and Fireworks, this year we decided to try and focus on things you can’t see!

We are all used to taking pictures of a stunning landscape, or family event etc, where we are trying to capture the image we are looking at, but this month we looked at pictures we are able to take with our cameras but which are beyond the ability of our eyes to capture.

So the theme for the evening was looking at how the camera can be used for long exposure, multiple exposure and very short exposure, creating images that the human eye can’t actually see, and for the first time at Ockbrook, we even saw some rather sculptural naked ladies dancing! Sorry for those of you who missed it, as it certainly was a sight to behold! 🙂

IMG_2250We were able to capture some images of ghosts…….






some extraordinary light patterns………IMG_2060-Edit





The final image

The final image




and even some amazing diving fruit!



So now the challenge is over to you. For the next meeting, which will of course include the traditional Christmas fuddle, Oscars Night and a trip around the world with member Barry Cope, we would like you to provide one or two pictures of images that you can’t actually see. You can use the techniques we used on the night, or search the internet and photo mags for something different. The best creative picture will get this year’s special ‘practical’ award from Mick and Dave.

If you need to be reminded how the images were taken and what settings to use on your camera, you can find help available on the Members Only page of the website.

So, good luck and we look forward to seeing some interesting and creative work.



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