Members Gallery: Good Old British Weather

One thing Ockbrook prides itself on is that every monthly meeting is different, giving everyone the opportunity to learn something new by picking up tips, whether that’s through professional guest speakers, informal practical sessions or more specific workshops.

This month was our Open Evening where anything goes. Each member was invited to share something relevant to their photography with the group, from a very useful beanbag for travelling and a cool little torch on legs, to new (and old) cameras, a beautiful year book of images, and a visual exercise to stir up the imagination.

Good Old British Weather

© Linda Peel

© Linda Peel

Our theme this month ‘Good old British weather‘ came about after ‘rain’ was suggested by one of our members…wonder why? With this in mind and in order to start the year off positively the group were asked to avoid negative vibes, submitting fun images where possible.

© Kevin Lane

© Kevin Lane

While all the photographs were fantastic, capturing the weather in it’s many guises, both Kevin and Linda’s pics particularly raised a smile on the night, with members curious as to where Kevin’s inspiration came from! Anyway, we hope you enjoy this month’s selection of images, see you next time.

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