Members Gallery: Street Life

Well, what a fab session this month, new faces, new members, lots of images and another super practical night…it was buzzing. Here’s some of our members captured in action by Geoff, hopefully next month we’ll have a few pics to share with you from the evening.

© Geoff Lawn

© Geoff Lawn

Practical nights led by our very own Mick and Dave are a great way of giving everyone the chance to chat amongst themselves about photography, picking up tips from each other, while experimenting with their cameras, lighting and different subjects. They’re great fun and relaxing for members who leave happy and with a little more learned.

We also have plenty of pics to share with you from our theme this month…

© Annette Amery

© Annette Amery

…Street Life certainly seemed to get the creative juices flowing, from Jonathan who has turned his regular commute by train into a new photo project, to others who have pushed themselves out of their comfort zones to produce some cracking images, which not only visually speak for themselves, but also produced plenty of chat amongst the group. Fantastic work Ockbrook, you’re all brilliant.

© Colin Bowles

© Colin Bowles

Please enjoy our slideshow, and we’ll look forward to seeing you next time.

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