Members Gallery: Spring is in the Air

What a joy to hear that one of our visitors on Monday night googled camera clubs in the area and up we popped, showing the system can work, so it was a real pleasure to welcome into the fold not one but four more newcomers. Equally good to hear was that they will be returning for more, not just during our current membership year, but also in September when this great little club of ours enters its ninth year of non competitive photography.

© Colin Bowles

© Colin Bowles

We began the session reviewing a few pics from our March practical before taking a look at our slideshow for this month’s theme. It seemed to work well following on quite nicely from our night of photographing daffodils amongst other things, as we all sat back and enjoyed signs that Spring certainly is in the air.

Here’s a lovely pic from Ron who joined us for the first time, and even submitted to the theme, although this time with a glitch in the system it meant we weren’t able to see his images projected onto the screen. Better late than never Ron and thank you for taking part. Please enjoy our slideshow of all our photographs at the end of this post.

© Ron Harrison

© Ron Harrison

After the break it was discussion time as the group were split into three to answer the questions “Why do we make photographs?” “What attracts us to some photographs more than others?” What might you have contributed to this discussion do you think? We welcome your thoughts. A refreshing change for members, although talking, particularly where photography is concerned, has never been in short supply at Ockbrook.

See you next time.

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