Members gallery: Project 111, May 2016

For our May 2016 practical, we did another Project 111.

Again, we promised an evening of challenges and we asked each member to push themselves, try something different or new and get creative! They were invited to give themselves permission to play.

This time, though, members were asked to take their cameras outdoors and, instead of having one object to focus on all evening, they were asked to choose one topic from a list.

Some topics were tangible, eg leaves, lampposts, litter and latches, while others were more conceptual or technical, for example depth of field, intentional camera movement, subject movement etc.

They each had one topic to shoot, one hour to shoot it in – and at the end of that hour they needed to supply one image, straight out of camera, for us to look at as a group.

Once more into the breach… and what a tremendous effort!

Every image was a success in one way or another, every image had a story and each member learned something from the exercise.

We have another Project 111 planned for next season, and this time the subject will be….. well, you’ll have to wait and see!

Meanwhile, enjoy our May Bank Holiday collection.

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