Passion for Pictures with Chris Upton

It’s an absolute joy when professionals come along to talk to us at Ockbrook, particularly when they are quite willing to impart a few tricks of the trade, as we love to learn at our club, and our guest this month was no exception.

What better way to wrap up our 2015/16 year than on a high, with a quite superb presentation from travel and landscape photographer Chris Upton.

© Chris Upton

© Chris Upton

His ‘Passion For Pictures’ was clearly visible to us from the outset, with stunning imagery from both home and overseas, but it was the way in which Chris presented his beautiful photography to us, with humour, stories, techniques and a variety of genres with something to suit everyone, which gave his talk the edge…perfect for many a group or club.

During a slightly extended break (we talk a lot), Chris demonstrated a selection of Fujifilm X-Series equipment to those interested in the system, as well as briefly introducing his Thoresby Colliery work through a variety of superb quality prints and his beautifully presented book from the project, a very useful and informative addition to the evening. After enjoying more wonderful images from around the world, including a particularly unique take on the Taj Mahal, the highlight had to be a rather lovely audio visual of Lisbon, what a relaxing way to wrap up the evening…and his taste in music isn’t bad either!

Chris will be returning to Ockbrook again during our new 2016/17 year, when we look forward to seeing what he has planned for us. Have a fantastic summer everyone, enjoy your photography, and we’ll see you all in September.  

© Chris Upton

© Chris Upton



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