Essential Composition with Chris Upton

This month Ockbrook welcomed the return of professional travel, landscape and social documentary photographer Chris Upton.

Through his ‘Essential Composition’ presentation the group were treated to plenty of helpful advice, on ways in which a photograph might become more visually appealing, through careful consideration when composing a scene.

For example, in these two beautiful images, made two days apart of the suspension bridge on Nottingham’s Victoria Embankment, Chris says “…Two days after the previous shot the conditions were even better, it just goes to show how revisiting a good location can pay dividends.”

It was another opportunity for us to travel around the world with Chris and learn from his expert knowledge and skills both visually and technically, as he talked us through the making of his work. As you can see from the above with a little time, patience, knowledge, and good light, it is always possible to capture something quite wonderful nearer to home as well.

Chris provides talks and workshops throughout the year and is highly recommended, and Ockbrook will look forward to working with him again very soon.




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