Members Gallery – November Practical Evening

As usual, our November meeting was a practical photography night and the theme this year was ‘Abstract’.

We arranged the room with a number of tables around the outside and in the middle, a variety of props, lighting equipment, background sheets and other ‘stuff’. The objective was to use these, add a large dollop of creativity and produce some stunning abstract images. After the initial reaction of “What the ……”, the Ockbrook spirit took the challenge and soon there was a buzz around the room as small groups experimented with the props, lighting and photographic technique. Room fixtures and fittings and even other club members became the ‘subject’.

I think most of those who attended would say that the exercise took them out of their comfort zone, but without doubt, everyone I spoke to was having fun and experimenting. So much so, come time to finish, some folk had to be dragged away from what they were doing!

As usual, creativity shone through and some amazing images were produced. When you consider that everyone participating came to this ‘cold’ and in many cases, were using photographic techniques they had never tried before, I think the output was stunning.

So, enjoy the fantastic creativity of …. you!

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