Members Gallery: It’s Christmas

What a fantastic session we had last week at Ockbrook, packed with stories, images and our usual seasonal buffet and awards, bringing our club to a perfect end for 2016.

First up, member Martin Arrowsmith wowed us with a fantastic presentation of landscape photography through his ‘Travels and Influences’ which left us all in absolutely no doubt that we need to get up earlier in the mornings, and get ourselves booked on professional workshops. As Martin said the professionals I’ve spent time with, have all taken me to some great locations, they seem to know where to go for the light, the best time and the right place to be in order to capture it.”

© Martin Arrowsmith

© Martin Arrowsmith

Next up was Colin Bowles with an equally impressive presentation of landscape photography. What was interesting was that like Martin, Colin has also spent time learning from and being inspired by professionals, with the emphasis for him, on being experimental with his photography…from traditional, to more abstract and minimalistic imagery. “As time has gone on I’ve become clearer about what I want to achieve when I’m in a particular location, but will still try out different ways of capturing a place in order to get the result I’m looking for. This doesn’t always mean I use a tripod, is it necessary? Sometimes I’m not sure it is…”

© Colin Bowles

© Colin Bowles

Two superb landscape presentations gave the group plenty to think about, thank you both for an insight into your photographic interests so far, looking forward to next time!

And the rest…

Well after lots of rather lovely munchies and bucks fizz, it was awards time. If you follow Ockbrook, you know we’re a non competitive group, but at this time of the year it’s nice to show appreciation for members contributions to the club throughout the year. This year, it wasn’t about one particular person, because everyone contributes something to the group, which of course makes it the success it is. However, small appreciation awards were made for the practicals, social events and good news stories, together with a ‘luck of the draw’ in which all members were included.

We wrapped the night up with more wonderful images from members who were invited to submit one of their photographs taken this year, which had a story behind it, a special meaning perhaps and as always, they didn’t disappoint.

Please enjoy a small selection of our work as we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2017. Thank you all for your support.

Ockbrook and Borrowash Image Club

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