Members Gallery – Gone in a Flash!

Well it seemed like our February meeting did go in a flash, which is appropriate given that flash photography was our theme this month.

We started the evening with a super tutorial from Dave King, going through the basics of flash photography, the pitfalls and the best techniques to use to avoid them. This was applied to on-camera pop-up flash as well as the ‘Speedlight’ type of flash gun.

I was volunteered as model for the evening, which was always going to be a challenge for Dave, but to give him credit he persisted, despite this handicap.

One of the items we demonstrated was the difference that a flash diffuser can make to an image. So part 2 of the evening was a Blue Peter style make session to build a flash diffuser for either pop-up or Speedlight flashgun. The design specs for this are in our Members Only page and Dave will be adding his flash tutorial as soon as he can.

Hopefully, the evening went some way to demystifying the use of flash and will encourage some of you to give it a go.

And so, on that note, why don’t you have a crack at photographing something (person, still life or whatever) using flash and send me a copy of your image at

We’ll have a look at your images at the March meeting. lf you use a homemade flash diffuser to create your image, even better, so make sure you let me know.

Look forward to seeing you all, along with your pictures, on the 6th March.


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