Members Gallery: Mixing business with pleasure

In a change to our current programme, this month we enjoyed a members evening, filled with images and stories. First up it was the turn of Simon Reynolds and Jayne Seagrave to share something a little special with us all.

Simon and Jayne both work at the Royal Derby Hospital, and along with a number of their colleagues, they were invited by Derby Teaching Hospitals’ arts charity Air Arts to participate in a staff exhibition during 2016-17.

Air Arts aims to create a calm and welcoming environment, providing support and reassurance for patients, staff and visitors at both the Royal Derby and London Road Community Hospitals. The Air Arts team brings art, dance, drama, poetry, storytelling, crafts and music onto the corridors and into waiting areas and wards to enhance the environment and provide moments of reflection and distraction.

© Simon Reynolds

Both presentations were excellent, and with very different themes and approaches to their work. Simon talked to us about his love for the outdoors and how his wildlife photography in particular, had caught the eye of the arts team, while Jayne explained to us how she wanted to combine her role as Senior Occupational Therapist, with her leisure interest in some way, thinking back to an abstract she’d submitted to a monthly theme at the club.

So from the wonders of nature including otters and owls to the importance of vital hospital equipment through a series of colourful and beautifully lit artificial joints, the first part of our evening was both enjoyable as well as most informative. Thank you Simon and Jayne and congratulations to you and your colleagues on the success of your exhibition.

© Jayne Seagrave

After our break we began by reviewing last month’s practical session, before our focus turned to the landscape for the second half of the evening. We looked at some wonderful photography from members who were invited to submit an image with a story behind it, but with no mention of cameras, lenses, apertures, shutter speeds or Iso’s. Finally there was a short presentation, providing food for thought from Valerie when it comes to the landscape. As she reminded us “we’re all learning when it comes to camera technique, but we must never lose sight of the reasons behind why we make our work in the first place”.

…and as one of our new members commented on our Facebook page “It was great to hear people talking about their work tonight. Really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for a great evening. Inspirational words & images from Valerie. Feeling reflective.” Thank you Sarah.

Please enjoy our slideshow, and see you next time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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