Perfecting the Print: An insight into printing and colour management with Doug Chinnery

Our village hall was once again full to capacity on Monday evening, when we welcomed back to Ockbrook our friend…professional photographer, teacher, writer and printing specialist Doug Chinnery. This is Doug’s third visit to our club and he never disappoints.

With an all round wealth of knowledge, each visit has brought with it an evening of learning at a level of understanding for everyone, making his presentations not only enjoyable but beneficial for all those attending.

This time Doug talked at some length to us about ‘perfecting the print’ through image preparation.  As a teacher of printing and colour management for the Fotospeed Academy, he also demonstrated through his stunningly beautiful images, how different photographic papers can have such varying results on output, a very important part of the creative process.

According to his website, Doug claims to have not won any awards, but it’s difficult to understand why, as he is such an accomplished artist, and very modest with it. He writes for a number of magazines including Outdoor Photography and On Landscape, and has also exhibited in a number of galleries. In addition to running his own very busy programme of workshops, he is also a leader for Charlie Waites Light & Land Photography Tour Company.

As you can imagine we felt very privileged indeed to be able to spend an evening with him, and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to your group…thanks Doug, we look forward to number four!

Please do take a look at Doug’s website when you have a few minutes to sit back and enjoy his work, but in the meantime a small selection to whet your appetite has been included in our post.


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