The Experience of Creating Images with Vanda Ralevska

This month’s meeting brought closure to our fantastic 2016/17 membership year, and what better way to finish the season than with our very special professional guest from London, Vanda Ralevska.

What an absolute pleasure and privilege it was to welcome Vanda to Ockbrook and for everyone to be captivated not only by her presence but also her ‘photographic journey’, through some absolutely stunning imagery and thought provoking words.

Whether Vanda is walking in her local park, in the hills, by the sea, or in the City, she has an extraordinary eye, as she is drawn to the smallest of detail and the widest of views. Even on the streets of London, she gives us an insight into the beauty of life beyond that as we may know it. Her images are very poetic in themselves, and yet her use of words alongside some of her work adds another dimension to her art.

I like those moments in time, when everything goes quiet, my heartbeat gets faster, I take a deep breath and the time stops…until the shutter clicks, and the moment that took my breath away is preserved…forever…” VR.

Please read Vanda’s story Life Behind The Lens for yourselves, enjoy her beautiful photography and poetic language by browsing through her inspirational website.

Vanda’s award winning photography has been published and exhibited widely both in the UK and overseas.

Making Waves

All images copyright Vanda Ralevska

It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera…they are made with the eye, heart and head” Henri Cartier-Bresson

A quote from Vanda’s website and one to leave you to think about…

To our friends and supporters, have a wonderful Summer, as we look forward to returning in September, when we will be entering our 10th year together as a Club…now that has to be worth some kind of celebration!

Ockbrook and Borrowash Image Club






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