January and February – A macro fest!

Well to kick start the New Year we decided to have a close look at macro and close up photography. In January, Mick Govan gave a presentation and demonstration looking at the differences between Close-up and Macro, the techniques and equipment that can be used for both and some of the subjects that work best with this type of photography.

The session started with a clear example of the difference between an actual macro lens capability and lenses that claim to be macro, but are actually just close up. With the Queen playing a star role during this particular part of the evening!

Several demonstrations highlighted the techniques, equipment and lighting that can be used for this kind of photography along with some of the problems that can be encountered, particularly managing depth of field.

A demonstration of how to overcome depth of field problems by using focus stacking and combining the photographs in software generated quite a bit of interest and discussion.

We followed this up with a workshop for the February meeting where we all had chance to have a go at this genre of photography with a variety of subjects and lighting setups. Although the rather bouncy floor of the room proved to be something of a challenge when trying to hold a steady focus, everyone had a go and some interesting compositions and lighting techniques started to emerge.

Although this kind of photography was new to many of the members and was clearly out of their comfort zone, support from Valerie, Dave, Kevin, Martin, Caroline and Mick was helping everyone to have a go and enjoy the session. We ended the evening looking forward to March when we could start to review some of the results.

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