Picture Framing

Looking for someone to add those important finishing touches to your ‘special’ picture?

David Harcourt of Harcourt Framing, Draycott, Derby, provides a professional framing service, using only the best quality materials with options to suit all budgets. He offers friendly advice, helping you to achieve the look you want, at a price you can afford.

Check out David’s website for more information and contact details.


Fancy having a go at self-publishing your photos and not sure where to start?

Here are a couple of recommended links with everything you will need to help you on your way…

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The Copyright Symbol

At a meeting, some of you were asking how to get the © symbol to appear in text…

(On a PC) hold down ‘alt’ and tap 0169 on your numeric keypad
(On a Mac) Hold down ‘alt’ at the same time as pressing ‘g’

You can find more info about the Copyright symbol here

Get your images published

Crawling through mud

It can be worth asking newspapers if they are interested in your images

If you have images you are particularly pleased with, it can be worth approaching your local newspaper to see if they are interested in using them.

One of our members, Dave,  offered pictures of an event to the Ashbourne News Telegraph and they were used in a double-page centre-spread!

Generally, you should approach the paper’s picture editor to see what their requirements are and, if you are going to an event, speak to them first so they can give you an idea what sort of images they’d like to receive.